… Yeah, it’s been a while

a lot longer than I intended, college sure does get busy

anyway, I ended up not needing React at all… which was a little annoying, ‘cuz it sort of felt like wasted time… it was interesting though, so it wasn’t entirely a waste


React is a little bit weird, it really is only UI, and even if it’s really good at it, you can’t really do everything with it, specially if you need data from a data-source (like a database or a web API)

Angular on the other hand… Angular 2 is not used as much as one would expect, and frankly I get why, I mean, Angular 4 is already close to being released, and if it delivers on its promises, I see no point to really use v2, specially if you’re already “a wizard” in v1 (or JS) and you see no particular need to migrate to the newer versions (not saying I’m one of the wizards though)

anyway, the first project I was actually assigned to, has been… exciting, to say the least, but it’s sort of suspended for the moment, so they assigned me to something else, and honestly, I think I might like it more, because it’s not a refactoring from one technology I don’t know, to another I don’t know well, as the first thing was, but more of a bugfix in a project that’s in a technology I’m familiar with (Java v7 syntax), and the one I don’t know as well (AngularJS), but since I’ve had more time to get familiar with it, I think I’m going to enjoy working on it

I actually did some refactoring to the code of the back-end, applying “Uncle Bob’s” ‘extract till you drop’ method to both make the code easier to read, and familiarize myself with the code, I don’t really expect them to use the changes I made (other than changes to fix the issue) but I get the satisfaction of getting working code doing something I learned during one of the trainings, which is nice

tl;dr version:
I’m doing some stuff with a back-end programmed in Java, that’s used by a front-end programmed in AngularJS, and it’s been a lot more enjoyable than the pure javascript nightmare with was the refactoring/migration that the first project was (or is)

to keep up the “unrelated to the rest of the post” thing I did last time:

The bank stuff is kind of neat, though I’m not really making so much to really get any benefit from getting dollars, but anyway, might come in handy later on


The First Week

This is the post excerpt.

This first week at Pernix hasn’t been like I expected it would be…

it has been so much better!

I expected a sort of tutorial or introduction to a particular technology, but instead I got introduced to Pernix’s Culture (constant training on general good programming practices (for all programming languages), as well as other topics, and the liberty to ask anyone around for help, going from where the bathroom is, to what a closure is in JavaScript (as opposed to what it is in a functional programming language). And was instructed to start with the training for a couple of popular JavaScript based web development technologies (AngularJS/Angular 2 VS React.JS), which are fairly interesting

I already had some experience with AngularJS, but the training was really helpful to understand the more advanced topics I didn’t have experience with (which were handled by a friend in the couple of projects I worked on that were done using AngularJS)

Angular 2, is an entirely different thing, it’s not even in JavaScript (though it gets ‘translated’ into it), it’s TypeScript, and although it provides a modular, and more easily organizable model, which is nice, you need to almost learn it from scratch, because even with the things it ‘borrows’ from JavaScript, it really is a separate thing.

React.JS is, like they say even in the tutorials/training videos, really good at what it does, which is UI (or as it was called in a particular video from Pluralsight, the ‘V’ in MVC), it’s relatively easy (it’s JavaScript though, so its syntax is not the prettiest thing around), and it’s quite fun to make good looking and snappy (as in fast) web applications

All three of them introduce custom HTML tags to work with, and if I had to rank them from most simple to most complex, right now, I think it would go like this:

  1. AngularJS
  2. React
  3. Angular 2

However, in terms of Power (things the framework allows to do, but again, in terms of what I’ve seen, not necessarily what an expert in all of them would say), I think Angular 2 is king, with React only being “better” in the rapid UI development perspective, both in empiric performance run tests, and how fast can someone program it (see what I did there? I used a garden path sentence and actually used both possible meanings, pretty neat, huh?)

(at least for small applications, for larger applications Angular 2 may allow for a more constant speed of development, as well as having the possibility of using smaller and simpler tags, but its power really comes from the fact that it’s made to work for bigger applications, not so much the really small ones)

tl;dr version:
Pernix is a cool place, JavaScript syntax still sucks, React is great for the UI of small, fun web applications/games, and Angular 2 is TypeScript, instead of JavaScript

unrelated to the rest of the post

we had lunch from KFC this Monday, it had been a while since I last ate from KFC :┬ĚP