Project Hopping

is what could be said I’ve been doing (what the title says).

Allow me to elaborate, I was working on a Car Rental software Project, aimed at being used by the people that rent the cars, so it’s an internally used project (as opposed to a phone application to make a reservation to rent a car), but then I was switched to a Legal Procedures Project (another internally used project, this one aimed at being used by Lawyers to keep track of their current legal procedures, as I understand it), that, was because some small changes were requested for it, so it was seen by my mentor as a good opportunity for me to get some experience on a .NET project.

Anyway, I barely had time to set up the development environment and start adding some tests to get familiar with the code-base and so I could then add the new features, when I got switched to a new project… this new project, as I understand it, is a web application made in AngularJS, with EcmaScript 6 (ES6), that communicates with a WEB API (that’s the Interface between a Computer Vision/Machine Learning Application, and the Web Application)

This new project sounds so cool, that it gets to the point of being scary (what do I mean by scary? well, as I’m not too familiar with both it and the technologies it uses/depends on, I fear it may take me a long time to be able to contribute something to it, but hopefully I’m wrong about that)

I’m still getting familiar with it, so I don’t know more of the specifics (such as: the DBMS being used, if any, many of the project dependencies, Making of the tests [because they’re written in NUnit, which I haven’t used much], configuration for the services that are used, OCR, etc.)

I do like the fact that it looks like I’m going to learn a lot from it, and not just about the project itself, and Computer Vision or Machine Learning, but about using GitHub and working with other people in a programming project, as many other times, I’ve only needed to use the basics of GitHub (specifically Pull Requests), but did not get into using Issues, wikis, etc.

tl;dr version:
Working on yet again, a new project, so cool it’s scary, made with .NET and AngularJS

unrelated to the rest of the post

had to start drinking coffee recently… it’s surprising how effective it is at making you feel awake, but it really tastes awful, I don’t know how people can say that it’s got a soft flavor or whatever, guess it’s an acquired taste


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