First Deployment

Like I mentioned on my last entry, I was sort of switched to another project… so I was doing some work with AngularJS, Ionic (which is basically AngularJS, but with some differences in the HTML tags used in the projects templates), and a rather interesting Database/Hosting Service: Firebase

I didn’t “mingle” too much with the database itself, but it uses JSON, and it isn’t relational, so it can be very fast, but at least in the way we used it it’s really not (though that’s because the client is using the free tier service, so one of the lead guys on the project said that the virtual host goes to sleep after a certain amount of time without being used, you know, your general free VPS tier service stuff (Virtual Private Server, for those of you who, like me absolutely hate abbreviations without context, specially if, in another context, they can mean something completely unrelated, like MVP = Most Valuable Player VS MVP = Minimally Viable Product)

As I understand it, you can also host web-services/web-applications (basically back-end stuff) on Firebase, and I say it like that, because I didn’t do any deployment there myself, I did deploy to Heroku (the front-end though) because the QA (Quality Assurance) guy said the things I fixed weren’t working, even though they totally were (just not on the deployment he was testing :·P)

the things in question, search/filter the results of the loaded data in the application (front-end side), and in the mobile application (the Ionic bit) adding a field (which doesn’t sound like much, but it involved a lot of small changes throughout lots of pieces of the application)

I did all of this using vim, which I’m still getting used to, but I like that it’s even in the most minimal installations of most GNU/Linux distributions (or vi, but the differences aren’t so great unless one has lots of plug-ins or the like)

tl;dr version:
used Ionic, which is basically AngularJS, but with some differences in the HTML tags, it was cool

and the “unrelated to the rest of the post” bit:
mastering discipline is hard, but the progress obtained is so much sweeter than any other kind of progress (learning vim, and another language as an example here)


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